About Us

English Cocker Confromation PhotoWellcome from Trish Panzarella,

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, I began studying all the AKC breed standards when I was six years old. Through the years, I continued my love of dogs and the sport, studying and working with dogs in the Herding Group and showing my own rough collie Laddie. At 7 years old, he competed and finished a CD title. However, I never went back to collies, feeling it would be impossible to replace my beloved Laddie. In 2001, I acquired my first Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  This has grown to a love of the breed, and today, with Mahan Creek Kennels, I breed and show Pems.

In 2007, through my friendship with Tasha Byerly of Byluc Kennels, and Carol Green, PHA handler of many years, I returned to collies. Tasha had been showing a beautiful smooth bitch, Byluc’s Prom Queen (Spring), but, due to an unfortunate incident with another dog at ringside, Spring had become afraid of the show ring. I would walk Spring around the show area to try and get her comfortable, both one-on-one and accompanied by my corgis, to help Spring gain confidence. Tasha was able to finish Spring, and she became Champion Byluc’s Prom Queen. However, collies choose their masters, and Spring had decided that I was her person. Recognizing this, Tasha was kind enough to give Spring to me on a co-ownership. In 2008, Spring, now renamed Tally, had a litter of 7 gorgeous smooth collie pups sired by Ch. Edenrock’s Mask of Society. All 7 of these lovely puppies finished their Championships, earning Tally her ROM in one litter. Three of the pups (soon to be 4) now have their Grand Championships, with one being a Bronze soon to be Silver Grand Champion; another has not only her Grand Championship, but several herding titles and yet another has her Grand Championship and her RN. In addition, Tally now has 2 Champion grandchildren.

I began using Isle of Dogs products in 2006. I was so impressed, that when the opportunity to represent Isle of Dogs became available, I jumped on the chance. While I live in Panama City, Florida, my Isle of Dogs territory includes Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. Look forward to meeting you at the next show! ~Trish