No. 18 Black Coat Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo


This product is based on the No.10 (1%) formula.  The black coat shampoo is unlike other color enhancing products because it does not contain dyes or henna; it has a pigment suspended in with the oil.  When the coat takes the oil, it will take the pigment in with it.  The black colored  pigment will refract the darker tones of the coat giving the coat a richer, deeper appearance.  The nice thing about this shampoo is that you do not have to worry about it dying the other colors in the coat.  This product works very well on all black coats and the dark coats such as the Irish Setter or the Ruby King Charles Spaniel (the black pigment will take these coats towards a rich mahogany color).  You can wash your dog every day in this shampoo and it will not harm the coat.  The coat will just get better and better.


Wet the coat, apply the shampoo and work it thoroughly into the coat.  Let it sit for 2-5 minutes and then rinse completely.  Condition the coat with  Formula No.50 or No.51 rinse and then dry..  If your dog’s coat is extremely dirty it may require a second application.

May Dilute 10:1

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1 Litre

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