No. 20 Royal Jelly Shampoo


Royal jelly is the food substance that the worker bees feed the queen bee.  So, it not only contains natural lipids, it also contains some pure proteins.  These proteins get into the cuticle layer of the hair shaft, adding volume and strength with just a touch of texture.  This shampoo is great for bitches that have gone through a season or dogs that are just lacking in coat.  This shampoo can be combined with our coloring enhancing shampoos (No.16, No.17 and No.18) to create coat with increased volume and color enhancement.


Wet the coat, apply the shampoo and work it thoroughly into the coat.  Let it sit for 2-5 minutes and then rinse completely.  Condition the coat with  Formula No.50 or No.51, rinse and then dry.  If your dog’s coat is extremely dirty it may require a second application.

May Dilute 10:1

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