Isle Revive


This product enhances the coat by adding definition to curls and waves, while also adding body and suppleness to straight hair. An instant fix for drab, dry, lifeless coats as it will add the "spring" you see in the best conditioned coats.

Here’s a hint: When diluting, start with about an inch of water in the bottom of the spray bottle, add the required amount of product, shake well and then add the balance of water.

Tip: Used on leg furnishings it gives the appearance of more bone.

I have never had a product like Isle of Dogs Revive! It can be used right out of the bottle prior to blow drying. Revive "plumps" up the coat leaving it with more volume and also shin. It also can be mixed with water in a spray bottle for quick touch ups between showing. Revive has a wonderful scent and gives your dogs coat a soft yet full-bodied texture. ~Anonymous Testimonial

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4 Ounce

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